Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter 2011 091.AVI

I have sad news...prepare yourself. I am officially sick with a cold. It's awful! I can't breathe, my nose is like a drippy faucet and I keep coughing! But, don't worry. I have still managed to crawl out of bed (well, technically I'm lifted out since it's a crib) and write the second half of my Easter blog. Here we go...
After the excitement of seeing what the Easter Bunny brought me I was primped and preened over until I was dressed to the nines!

Don't I look spectacular! My dress was shiny. I attempted to remove the horrible bow from my otherwise perfect hair but Mom and Dad were relentless about keeping that thing on my head. I finally gave in, I have to let them win a few.
After going to church and a lovely lunch we went to the park. I have been to the park before but this was the first time I noticed little plastic eggs all over the place...

I mean, they were everywhere! I knew how to work eggs because my parents bought me some a few weeks ago. These eggs were a little different though...

When I popped one open a bunch of candy fell out! It was the strangest thing. I picked all the candy up, put it back in the egg and put the egg in my dad's pretty bucket (I don't know why he insisted on carrying that thing around...I was a little embarrassed, it's not very manly) I thought maybe it was just a wonderful yet defective egg so I did an experiment. I found another egg (like I said, they were everywhere) and...

...it did the same thing! Candy spilled everywhere when I popped it open. I thought this had to be some weird fluke of mother nature...like all those dead fish and birds. After I cleaned up the mess from that egg and tried some of the other ones...they were ALL filled with candy.
I finally assumed that all the eggs were the same and decided to collect them in case I wanted a sweet treat later on...

Luckily Dad had brought his pretty bucket and he let me put all the eggs inside it.
Finally I had collected all the eggs and for some reason everyone clapped so I joined in because I love a good round of applause!

Look at all my teeth! I grew them myselfAfter finding eggs at the park we went to Sheridans to partake of some yummy frozen custard. I love custard but when we arrived I quickly forgot about a snack because....well let me show you, it's hard to explain.

I LIVE and LOVE to boogie!  Well even I can't top myself so I am going to leave you with the image of me shakin my bootie! Bye.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: Part 1

Well good morning all! I have had a VERY busy couple of weeks. In fact I have been so busy that I fear I may have neglected my health. I woke up last night feeling not so hot. Staying in my crib was, of course, out of the question so I cuddled up with Mom and Dad in the big bed. I tossed and turned enough that Dad finally went to sleep in the living room and I had his entire side to myself...you see I have to sleep sideways. I didn't get a great night's sleep because Mom kept getting up, I don't think she feels good either. So this morning we are cuddling on the couch, watching Blue's Clues, blogging, and generally feeling under the weather. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to share the last two weekends with my adoring public. I was happy to get to visit Nana and Duke and see all my cousins the week before last.

Here I am with one of my most favorite people in the world...Amaya. She is awesome. She knows lots of things and I want to be just like her when I'm 8!

We went to Caden's soccer game. Isn't he the coolest?

Jordan and I spent quite a bit of time in the ditch! He could crawl up and down that hill soooo fast. It took me a little longer, not because I'm smaller but because it's very difficult to climb a steep hill without actually touching the grass....ewwww grass!

Did you notice my awesome hat? I loooove fancy headwear.

I also love soccer and tried to join the game a few times. I was thwarted everytime but I did attempt to take home a couple of favors after the game.

Once again, things didn't go my way. I was so upset that I didn't get to keep the soccer balls that Duke had to bribe me with something better than sports gear...

Money!!! Ahhhh....smells so monetaryish.

After eating a yummy meal at Chuey's on Sunday I discovered a little splash area in the Highlands. Last year I hated water but I think I will like it this year. Mom and I ventured in to get our feet wet and enjoy the nice weather. (Disclaimer: There were better pictures of the two of us but Mom is feeling self conscience about the baby bump and since she chooses the pictures this is what you get...)

Soooo refreshing!! I can't wait to go back.

Now onto Easter weekend! We spent Easter with Papa and Mammie. I'm still learning about all this holiday stuff. I was a bit concerned with the whole Santa thing...I mean a fat old man sneaking into MY house while I'm sleeping and leaving me stuff? Doesn't that sound a bit like a set-up on To Catch A Predator? So when my parents told me about a gift giving bunny...I was skeptical to say the least. But the rabbit didn't disappoint (or kill anyone in their sleep) so I was super thrilled to see all the swag I got in my Easter basket.

No, the dog didn't come in the basket...Mom isn't too crazy about having pets right now so that particular dream of mine is going to have to wait (and yes, I blame "she who must not be named"...aka...my little sister who currently doesn't have a set name)

I got super cool purple sunglasses (a girl can never have too many pairs)

New books. I was running out of quality reading material.

What is this thing? Is it alive!?!?!

Oh wait...it's a shower puff. I take showers now so I need the appropriate materials. Thanks Bunny!

I also had my first taste of Peep! It felt wrong eating a helpless little pink chick. The taste wasns't bad but the pink sugar all over my fingers topped off with a dose of stickiness was just too much for me. I don't think I will be partaking of Peeps again any time soon.

Well. I have much more to say and I know you are on the edge of your seats wondering how hunting eggs went and what I wore but that will have to wait until the rest of the pictures upload. Hopefully I can get it all up later on today!

Happy Monday thus far!

Monday, April 11, 2011

This N' That

I am so sorry that my mom hijacked the last blog to put up a video of the Usurper...I mean Ellie. Mom and Dad said I have to be nice to Ellie because one day she may be bigger than me. That doesn't really make sense since I am 2 years older but more often than not, my parents don't make sense and there is no point in arguing.
There isn't much going on lately but I know how much my public needs me so I asked Mom to take the camera along with us these past couple of days so she could take some pictures of me just living my life. The last few weekends have been so much fun! First I got to visit with Mamaw and Papaw 2 weekends ago and this past weekend Meme and Poppi came to see me! So we packed up the car to go to Crosbyton again, our first stop was a softball game. I had to suit up for that and since my parent's forgot to pack appropriate head wear for the game I had to steal my dad's....

I took his glasses too for good measure!
I really do not enjoy the west Texas wind and it was crazy today...
LOOK! I almost stepped in poo! Did my mom try and stop me, of course not, she was just going to let me tread on the poo. I don't care what she said, it WAS poop, NOT chocolate!
After the poo incident I wasn't feeling the love so I had to go to Papa who always understands my troubles. 
See what I mean...he was very empathetic about the issues I have with my parents...and he's REALLY tall. I can see miles away when he picks me up :)
I'm not sure how this happened but at one point during the game it would appear I wandered off a bit to far and the next thing I knew, I was trapped in the adjoining field. To make matters worse a dirt devil blew in and hurt my beautifully delicate eyes! So I was trapped and blind...does that seem like a Kodak moment to anyone else? Yeah I didn't think so!! And don't think it was all my mom just because she was holding the camera...my sources tell me it was my loving father who shut me in! Would anyone like to adopt a slightly neurotic yet delightful almost 2 year old?
Overall I had a wonderful weekend and I wish we had gotten pictures of me with the great-grandparents but my mom was too preoccupied with sitting on the couch. So moving on...
I'm sure most toddlers my age can relate to the pain and suffering that is naptime. For as long as I can remember I have been forced to lay in bed for hours and hours until either my mom or I give in...that means she either gives up and sets me free, or my body betrays my mind and I fall asleep. Either way I'm thinking of starting a union to protect my rights to NOT sleep during perfectly good daylight hours.
I was doing so well today during naptime. I was jumping from one side of my bed to the other, shaking the side of the crib (I'm proud to announce that I have officially broken it and now they have to buy Ellie a new one HA HA), I even did some lovely experiments with the pitch and volume of my voice...I cannot for the life of me figure out how this happened...
 One minute I was going strong, the next I heard that telltale annoying clicking sound that let me know Mom had the camera out.
Yes, I was perturbed but even I have to admit that I am absolutely adorable when I sleep.
As I slowly woke up I turned to give that woman a piece of my mind but she no doubt anticipated my impending snarkiness because she jumped in real quick with the words she knows I can never resist...the best words EVER!  "You're Daddy's home!!!!!"
I love seeing my Daddy when he gets home from work and he lives to spend time with me! We spent a few lovely minutes cuddling and catching up.
It's always interesting to see what my Mom has been up to while I'm napping. Today she went through all those baby clothes that are too small for me now seeing as how I am a "big girl". She washed, organized, and packed all those clothes so they would be ready and easily accessible whenever Ellie needs them. She was proud of her accomplishment (her life is a little sad isn't it?) but I was itching to do something else...wait for it, you will be impressed.
TA DA!!! I climbed all the way to the top of the bins BY MYSELF!!!
I'm usually the shortest person in the house and I had no idea how wonderful the accoustics were from up here. I couldn't resist bellowing out my favorite showtune, Old Man River. If you've never heard my falsetto version of Old Man River than you are missing out!
Well that is going to be it for me today. We are going to go play at the park for awhile, followed by bathtime and then bed.
Stay tuned because exciting things are on the horizon! We are going to visit Nana and Duke in a few days and I'm sure there will be lots of blog worthy adventures to write about when I get back.
Until then...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ellie in Motion!

I cannot even begin to tell you what a hassle it has been to get this video on the blog. This is Amy by the way, I wanted to do an Ellie post and the video is so sweet. It's not very long,  only about 30 seconds but if you watch to the end you can see her open her mouth and move around quite a bit. Before that though let me give you a little bit of background about this rollercoaster of a pregnancy.
You may not realize that is took me and Robby over a year to get pregnant with Sadie so when we decided to start trying for another baby we were prepared for a long road ahead of us. Imagine our surprise and delight when 2 months later the stick turned blue (well technically it turned pink)!
From the very beginning we both thought we were having a boy. I wasn't sick at all with Sadie and with this pregnancy I could barely lift my head for 7 weeks straight. I had so many vivid dreams about the baby being a boy and when we thought we lost the baby my first thought was "...but that was my son!" So we weren't surprised when we went in for an elective sonogram at 16 weeks and were told they were pretty sure it was a boy. I was excited but also kind of sad because I had always wanted a house full of girls and I thought it would have been really neat for Sadie to have a sister...I know I LOOOVE my sisters and it was something I wanted for Sadie. But I was excited and nervous about a little boy. We bought a couple of boy items but  I didn't want to go crazy at Target until the sex was confirmed at 20 weeks.
A month later we went to the doctor's office for our 20 week anatomy scan. This is the ultrasound where they check the growth of the baby and make sure that the major organs are functioning properly. Thankfully everything looked great! We asked for a gender check fully expecting to see little boy parts floating on the screen. I was shocked when she said "it's a girl!" My first reaction was excitement but it was replaced with worry and guilt because I knew Robby had really been looking forward to having a son. I knew it wasn't my fault (technically it's Robby's fault) but I felt horrible for pushing for that 16 week sonogram when it was too early and he had been thinking his son was on the way for a month. He even told me later if he had never thought it was a boy he wouldn't have been so disappointed. It took me all of 10 seconds to get over the lack of peanut and start getting excited about having two little girls! Robby was happy that he was having another daughter but he was also sad about the little boy that never was :(
It didn't take long to choose a name. We wanted a vintage-y name like Sadie and Robby liked the sound of Elinor, Ellie for short. Her middle name is Robyn which has the same meaning as Robert (Bright fame) so she is named after her father. Robby chose the name and had the final say so it's all the more special. We went through Sadie's old clothes and it was fun to pull out all the cute little onesies, dresses, and socks that we get to use again.
Ellie is now 30 weeks old (gestation) and is very very very active! I am having quite a bit of pain with this pregnancy that makes walking difficult at time, especially in the middle of the night. I actually am going in for an x-ray in a couple of days to make sure that my bones are strong enough for a regular delivery. If not we may be looking at the sharp edge of a scapel! Luckily my pain doesn't seem to bother anyone but me as Ellie is growing like a little weed. I thought I was having lots of braxton hicks contractions because my stomach is always so tight but the doctor felt it and said it feels harder because where ever he pushed he felt baby. She isn't huge, I just have no torso to speak of so there is a lot of baby in a small space.
I could go on and on because I love talking about my girls but I know I'm not quite as entertaining as Sadie so I will end the novel here and let you enjoy the video of Ellie!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boots, Slides, and Showers!

I haven't broken my promise yet! This is the third blog I've written in a week. Yeah for me and how exciting for you!!
It has been a very busy weekend. On Saturday we went to Papa and Mammie's to visit Mamaw and Papaw who traveled a looooong way to visit! I didn't expect a present but I didn't say no to one either. I was thrilled to receive a pillow pet bunny!

We had some lovely BBQ on Sat and then spent the afternoon outside. Unfortunately my parent's forgot the camera so you will just have to imagine the fun I had despite being greased up with sunscreen every 20 minutes.
Back at home I decided to indulge my new obsession...shoes!!! Every morning before breakfast I bring my choice of shoes to wear that day to my mom so she can help me "shoe up" for the day. On this particular day I thought I would try on a pair of boots that I had been eying for awhile.
Daddy's Boots!!!! I thought I looked spectacular in them (I also looked pretty cute in my new shirt which mom made for me out of one of her old shirts) but they were waaay to heavy and I couldn't budge from that spot. Since I had a lot to do that day I had to put on a more practical pair.
Tonight, after my nap and some dinner I took Mom and Dad to the playground because I know how much they love to play outside. Luckily Mom remembered the camera this time and didn't waste any time getting some "Sadie shots" as she likes to call them.
"Come on Mom...I know you're carrying extra weight but I don't want you to get lost!"
My first stop was the slide. I have recently discovered slides and can't get enough of them. The only problem is figuring out how to get to the top...
It makes sense to me that if I can go down I should be able to go up...but alas it never seems to work out this way and Mom won't let me try because she doesn't want me to be one of "those kids" whatever that means.
Dad was nice enough to show me the correct way to get to the top of the slide.
This was one of the more difficult ladders to climb but I did it all by myself and couldn't help celebrating a little once I reached the summit.
I tell you what...the view from the top was pretty stunning...but now it was time to slide.
I initially needed a little help from dad so that my bum didn't get away from me.
Here we go...
Any minute now...
I was so quick Mom only got a picture of my hair blowing in the wind!
After sliding down the red slide about 100 more times I HAD to try the blue one...
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It was just as much fun!!!
After the sliding fun I wanted to try the swings. I vaguely remember the swings from last summer. In case you forgot though here is a pictorial reminder...
HEE HEE HEE. I was so young and naive back then. As you can see I was enjoying the swings so I was sure I would enjoy them this year. The only problem was, the swings at the Hart park looked a little different from what I remembered...
These didn't look quite as safe as the bucket I remembered from my first swinging experience so I did what any child would do when faced with a challenge. First I mentally calculated the length and width of the swing and using my current weight (24 pounds) came up with an algorithm to figure out how high and fast I would go in relation to the ground...
Second, I had my dad help me onto the swing and give me a push...
Or at least I thought it was a success but I guess my math must have been off slightly because one minute I was soaring through the air and the next minute the world flipped upside down and I was on my back in the hamster cage shavings.
Mom panicked and didn't get a picture of that but she did manage to capture Dad wiping all the wood shavings off my shorts...
How humiliating. They will pay for this one day.
After our evening park excursion I was smelling pretty ripe so a shower was in order. Yes, I take showers now because I'm practically grown. There were some pictures taken but they are not blog appropriate so you will have to make do with the after shower pictures.
You may say I'm spoiled but I'm not...just well taken care of. After a nice hot shower I am so relaxed that walking on my own becomes almost impossible. Luckily my Dad always comes through...
Cleanliness is next to godliness they say...whatever that means.
Afterward Mom decided to trim my bangs. I don't have to tell you that she has never been trained in cosmotology, the picture speaks for itself.
SIGH. Don't worry. I'm cute enough to pull off the too short bangs look.
I ended the night with an episode of Little Einsteins (my absolute favorite show ever) brushing my teeth and plenty of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad.
That's it for me this weekend. I don't know what the next week will hold for me but I can guarantee you will want to stay tuned.
Until then...