Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Much to Report

Well, I am sitting in the recliner at my parents house in pain because my precious unborn Sadie hasn't given me much of a break today. She is a little spitfire and enjoys stretching, rolling, and hooking her little foot under one of my ribs. When she does this it hits a pressure point that sends a shooting pain all the way through my back. Delightful child. She has also taken to exercising at night while I am trying to sleep in my nest of pillows. These last few weeks have not been easy, in fact they have been downright uncomfortable. But I am very thankful that Sadie is strong enough to really pack a punch. It may hurt and bruise but it shows she is a healthy, happy baby.
For those of you who aren't in the know I will update you on Robby. The company he was working for folded in April so he went on the job search. Luckily, we haven't really missed a paycheck since he was able to tutor in Burleson for a couple of weeks and now he is a carpet tech for Chem Dry. This would be the perfect job except that it is in the Garland/Dallas area so he has to leave at 5:45 each morning and he doesn't get home until 7 or 8 most nights. We are trying to have a good attitude about it and we need the money but we both wish he could find something closer to home. If you get a chance to shoot some prayers up for him we would appreciate it.
Other than that we have been getting ready for "D Day" We are now 34 weeks and 5 days so hopefully Sadie will make her grand entrance in about a month, give or take a week. One thing I like about the practice I am with is that they will not let you go to long past your due date. But only time will tell. I will update later with pictures of Sadie's room and maybe some belly pics.
Until then...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally...a new(ish) blog.

Due to being yelled at a number of times I have finally written a new blog. I apologize for the extended time between each blog but as I have tried to explain, we don't have internet at home so I can only blog when I go to my parents house and after working 8 hours a day with my "delightful" (sarcasim) sixth graders all I want to do is go home and collapse.
Anyway, I will try and get all the pictures I can on this blog without getting to picture happy. First and foremost, Amanda and Tracee have wanted to see a new preggo pic so here you go:

This was taken about a month ago at 28 weeks.

And this picture was taken today at about 31 weeks and 3 days. If you could see inside my belly you would see Sadie's face, tummy, knees, and toes. She is also already head down so yeah!!!

So now that I have satisfied my avid readers curiosity lets get to the important sonogram pictures of our precious daughter. At the beginning of April we went to get a 3D/4D sonogram. It was really special because Robby's family and my parents and Becca were able to be in the room with us. Sadie is a very active baby so it was hard to get good shots but we were given a 30 minute video that is really cool because she moves around so much. She even stuck her tounge out a couple of times which is my favorite part of the video. I laugh because they play this really slow, sweet lullaby music in the background and it just doesn't seem to fit her "always busy" personality. I think she takes after her daddy and believes physical fitness is very important because she is constantly "exercising" but I digress.

So without furthur ado here is Sadie Holcomb Fryar (warning: she is naked in all these pictures):

Look at her little tummy, we are excellent eaters! And I think I did a pretty good job with the umbilical cord if I do say so myself!

Here is her sweet face. Now we don't think she actually has "Angelina" lips. Her face was kind of pressed against my uterus so it looks slightly distorted. Imagine someone pressing their face against a window.

And finally...

This is my favorite picture for obvious reasons. The sonographer was laughing because her thighs are already so chubby. Plus I love the hand, it's like she saying "Stop taking pictures of me down there!"

Well, that's all I have for today. I will try and blog again soon with the latest on how Robby and I are doing with the baby preparations. I will give you a clue: we are NOT even close to being ready yet.

Until then.