Sunday, July 24, 2011


Still feeling uninspired to use up a lot of brain power by writing so this is mainly going to be a video post. Ignore the messy house (we were in the process of moving and I was 9 months pregnant so cleaning was low on the list) and ignore the majority of what the grown-ups say.

This video starts off a little weird with what Robby is saying but Sadie was actually giving him a "massage" by beating his back and that is what I was trying to capture but she decided to quit performing once I started recording. Isn't that just the way...

Sadie enjoys her tv time (yes we are bad parents, we let her watch TV before she was two but I am going to be more prudent about the amount of time she spends with The Backyardigans now that I have energy to get off the couch). Here she is watching her FAVORITE actor of all time..herself!! I made a video of her counting skills on my phone and she wanted to watch it over and over. Love the giggle!!

Sadie loves to sing along with The Backyardigans. This is one of her favorite songs. It goes: "Newspaper! Newspaper! Spread it out and read with joy! Newspaper! Newspaper! Courtesy of your local paper boy!"

You may or may not know that Robby resigned from his job in Hart a few months ago. This was a huge leap of faith because neither of us had any other job lined up but Hart just wasn't a good place for us. We had been living in school housing though and the lease was up on the last day of school so we have been living like gypsies this summer going between Rob's parents and mine. Sadie has been doing awesom with all the changes but the pack-n-play no longer holds her so we have been working on getting her in a big girl bed. We're not quite there yet. She has been enjoying her newfound freedom though.

As it's been 100+ weather for weeks now with no rain to cool things off we have had to find indoor activites. Before I had kids I always said that I would NEVER let my kids play in the germ infested mall playground...oh well! She loves it and I'm sure you will love mine and Robby's thrilling conversation as she plays.

Are you still with me? Let's keep on going then shall we... For Sadie's 2nd birthday we took her Chuck-e-Cheese where she learned how to play Ski-ball with Daddy! I'm a bit of a stick in the mud as you will learn at the end of the video. I LOVE to watch Sadie laugh.

There aren't many movies that hold Sadie's attention but she is an avid Toy Story fan. She will watch all three all day long if we let her (which we don't). She stole her cousin Jordan's Buzz and Woody so she could re-enact her favorite line: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Did you think I had forgotten I have two daughters now? Don't worry, I didn't. I was able to miraculously capture Sadie giving Savi a kiss which she had never done before. Sadie loves to give Savi zerberts on her tiny little toes...I can't tell how Savi feels about this yet.

Last one!! If you have stuck with me through all the videos you are a true friend! Savi is 6 weeks old and her personality is starting to come out. She is pretty laid back. She likes to look around and lately she has started talking a little bit. This video is twice as exciting because not only do you get to see Savi in all her cuteness you get to hear a one-sided conversation that my mom was having on the phone.

That's it for this edition of Videopalooza. I'm sure I had many typos but it's late and I am too tired to edit. Plus, I think Savi is about to wake up for her midnight feeding. Yeah!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Savi is 1 month old today! She is a wonderful, sweet baby. Her hobbies are eating, pooping, spitting up, and looking around. She makes funny noises that crack us up. Whenever we move her while she is sleeping she makes a sound that sounds like she's deflating. When we give her a bottle she makes little grunting, snorting sounds like a piglet. I love it!!!
This blog is mainly pictures and I am not even going to try to be clever for two reasons:
1. The pictures speak for themselves
2. I am "mommy-logged" and couldn't be funny even if I tried. My mind has ceased to function properly so please excuse any typos.
On to the pictures!!
Miss. Savi getting her first bath at home. She wasn't crazy about it but who would be?

She finally gave up and laid there like we had destroyed her will to live.

Sadie was on hand to help out but all the screaming stressed her out.

Clean and warm at last!!

Sadie loves to climb. Normally I don't mind her adventerous spirit but I wish she would choose more reasonable footwear. She is obsessed with her daddy's running shoes!!

Father's day morning!! Isn't my little family cute?

Happy birthday to Sadie!! She had a diaper malfunction so a bath was the first order of business on her special day. Priceless little face...

Here we are, ready for our big day (minus clothes and such)

My girls!! Future best friends!

We took Sadie to Chuck-e-Cheese to celebrate. She loved all the little rides.

Except this one. This one she wasn't too sure about.

Watching the mouse perform was fun as long as she was a safe distance away and Papa stayed close.

The fake chucky was not as scary but she was still wary.

Please note that my child eats her pizza backwards so as to get more bread and less of the actual pizza part.

Ski ball with dad was fun even it was a bust for tickets. I think they won about 4 after three games.

I love this picture but I wish I was better with the camera. Such a pretty smile but covered in shadow.

The cousins were very excited to meet Sav. Only Amaya is old enough to hold her by herself and give her a bottle though (don't tell Caden who believes his life mission is to take care of little girls) It looks like Amaya will have another little follower soon!

Yeah! She found her favorite pair of shoes again...and they are even better paired with Nana's socks!

Getting ready for her swimming party. I'm very thankful that Robby didn't pass out trying to blow up the little pool. He couldn't wait 5 minutes for the pump to arrive.

The reason she is sitting on the side of her pool is because she doesn't like to touch the bottom of the pool or the grass in her bare feet.

Hanging with her favorite girl again. I knew she would wear the party hat if her cousins did too!

We had sandwiches but she was only interested in the cheetoes. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has heard stories about my obsession with cheese balls when I was little. Like mother, like daughter.

Present time! I didn't get too many pictures but she loves her little piano that Papa and Mammie gave her.

Yes, she is wearing a cowboy hat and heels. That's what all the toddlers who trike are wearing these days.

We had some more pool time a few days later and this time it was cool enough for Savi to get in on the fun. She was underwhelmed.

Looking less and less like a newborn everyday. Such a pretty chunk nugget!

The following had me rolling in the floor. We couldn't find Sadie but we heard some noised from our room. I found her in the bassinet with this big goofy grin on her face. I ran to get the camera and snap a few pictures then a pushed the bassinet hood down to help her out and well.... the second picture shows you what I found!

 Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!! Yes, the child climbed into her sister's bed whilst wearing her daddy's shoes! Funniest thing ever!!!!

That's it for picturepalooza. The Fryar girls...always good for a laugh!