Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures galore!

Sadie's first spelling lesson. We disagree on the spelling of her name. No matter how many times I try to set her straight, she thinks the 'S' is implied.

She enjoyed playing with her name so much that I decided to get out the rest of her peek-a-boo blocks!

So I dumped out all 26...

and she decided to play with a diaper (it's clean, don't worry)

She is really starting to get around by scooting, rolling, and sliding. She even managed to climb the stairs!

Not really, she was heavily supervised by Duke the entire time...well right up to the point where she dove headfirst.

Kidding again! I'm such a kidder!

Here she is enjoying her first Valentine gift from Grammi With the Birds.

She was upset about not receiving chocolates so she ate her card.

Sadiebug loves to visit with her cousins but she gets very frustrated that they can move around easier than she can. Bless her heart, she tries to keep up with Jordan.

He is the sweetest boy though and he thought he would tell Sadie a few jokes. I don't get them but she thinks he's hilarious!

This picture is more about Jordan than Sadie...he's just soooo adorable! I want to squeeze him!

Toys are already overrunning the house. Sadie's thoughts "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
She was indifferent about her battery operated swing but the daddy blanket swing is a hit!

This is an example of one of those pictures being worth a thousand words.

That's all for now! Big day tomorrow so I'm going to go to bed and try to sleep a few minutes before Sadie wakes up.