Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New City, New Life, New Blog Name

I hope changing the name of my blog won't confuse my millions of avid readers! I know it's been over a year since my last update. My goal is to blog at least once a week but let's be realistic...this is me we're talking about. With out upcoming move though I have been told by more than one person that it is imperative to get the blog up and running again so everyone can stay up to date with Sadie and Savi. I doubt the same people would be as insistent if it was just me and Robby but I don't blame them...the girls are much more interesting. So, I promise to try.
It won't be all todders and tiaras though. Who knows what other delights I will feel the need to share with the world (a very small population of the world, I should say) If you are just joining me on this journey in blogdom let me do a quick update on us.
The hubs joined the Navy in February. Why, you may ask? It's a long story and I'm not in the mood to write about it, so there! Let's just say it was a good idea and we haven't regretted it...yet. Due to the career change we will be moving from


That is Connecticut for those of you who failed US Geography. Here is a list of common questions I am asked about our upcoming move.
1. Are you excited?  Yes.
2. Are you scared?    Not really. Anxious is a better word.
3. How are you getting there? We are flying. My dad is driving the car.
4. Won't your dad be lonely? No. He listens to books and sermons to pass the time. He will be wiser when he arrives.
5. Where will you live? In a house. No, it's not made of candy.
6. Are you going to try and get a job teaching? No. My certificate is from TX, not CT. They aren't interchangeable. I would have to take tons of tests and extra classes to get certified in CT and frankly I'm not that intersted.
7. What will you do? I am going to raise bees.
8. Really? No. I have two children who are pretty needy so I guess I will hang out with them and, you know, raise them and stuff.
9. When will Robby be deployed? I have no idea. He is still in school so it won't be for awhile.
10. Will he even be deployed? Isn't Obama sending the troops home? Robby is in the Navy. They deploy regardless...to protect our ocean perimeter. Why are you an idiot? Stop talking.
11. What are you reading right now? That's not a Navy question but I will answer anyway... I am reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I've read it before but the next book is coming out soon so I wanted to read it again.

So that is about it for this particular post. I will end with the good stuff!

 My sweet babies twirling together!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The year of Savannah.

It's hard to believe that Savi has been with us for an entire year! I know all parents say this but it seriously went by so fast. I don't blog often because my computer is painfully slow because it's old and creaky but I had to celebrate my sweet Savannah's first year. So here we go
June 10, 2011
Like most women who have been pregnant the full 40 months (weeks...whatever) I was ready to NOT be pregnant anymore. After what felt like 20 hours of labor but was actually only 17 this little red screaming thing was born! At 8 pounds 6 ounces she was dubbed "chunkers" by the nurses. She was perfectly happy to sleep all day and didn't enjoy her routine being disrupted but she took it all in stride.

Bows have never lasted long on this child's head. In fact if you see a picture of her with a bow, it was taken quickly and usually with a helper holding her hands down long enough for me to capture the moment before she ripped the offending head piece off and went on her merry way.

At four months she was pretty much done with the whole baby thing. Her greatest annoyance was the limited motion of her tiny body that just would not do the things she wanted it to do. She wanted to run and pick up toys and tackle that big sister that kept running out of her reach...oh the stresses of a toddler brain in an infant's body!

Therefore, it was no surprise that by 6 months she was a master roller and was often found under the Christmas tree trying to understand the purpose and meaning off all the brightly colored lights.

A few days (not weeks) later she was finally on the move...and so was I! She discovered the toy room and spent many a happy hour exploring all she could get her hands on.

Fast forward three months... and she was done with crawling. Had it been up to her she would have just skipped to running but alas that usually ended with a face plant into something pokey so she settled for walking. Sadie didn't walk until she was a year old so I was not fully prepared to have two kids running around when the  youngest was just 9 months old but we worked it out.

Sadly it wasn't all soaring through milestones and toys...we spent many a long afternoon at the doctors office trying to figure out what was causing Savi's skin to swell up, turn red and itch. Nothing worked on this poor girls skin. It seemed to repel moisture. After a trip to the allergist we were thankful to learn that she wasn't having a allergic reaction to anything but she had (insert long medical name here) eczema. The doctor is fairly sure it will clear up as she ages and now we have steroids to control it (she still has alligator legs but not redness and hives) and luckily when we are in Waco it clears up on it's own so after this week I'm hoping it will be a thing of the past.

A little eczema was going to hold this girl back though. She still participated in all the usual little girl things like dressing up...

...and just generally hanging out.


Now here we are! June 10, 2012 and she is a busy, goofy, sweet little rambunctious 1 year old who keeps up busy and laughing!

I was trying to think of a way to describe Savi so that I could really paint a picture of this little girl whose personality threatens to bubble over each minute of the day. I then remembered that I actually wrote a song about her a few weeks ago. Now, I'm not a song writer per se but this all came about one night at about 1:00 in the morning. Savi was having trouble sleeping so she was playing in the living room while I sat on the couch watching TV like a zombie. She kept going for the TV remote and taking out all the DVD's so i kept having to get up and "redirect" her attention which did not make her happy. I found myself humming about all the things that Savi loved to play with that were off limits and it turned into a song that I had to write down because I wanted a reminder of how busy she was at this age since it's so easy to forget all the little things. So here is Savi's song. Please sing along. It is to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.

Buttons that light up and
Jewelry that rattles
Screaming game
Fighting in the "hold me" battles

Wires and hair bands, just any old string
These are a few of Sav's favorite things!

An unlocked cell phone and
Someone to say "hi" to
Gnawing and drooling on
just any old shoe

Mom's make-up and dancing when Sadiebug sings
These are a few of Sav's favorite things.

Stealing the remote when
Daddy's not looking
Hugging on Mom's leg
while she's busy cooking

Yelling in public and causing a scene
These are a few of Sav's favorite things...
Saying bye bye
when bottles run dry
this makes Savi mad!
But if you distract her with one of these things...
then she won't feel so bad!!!

So there you have it!
I jokingly call her my Sour Patch kid because she can be a little booger by stealing toys and doing what she's not supposed to do with a smile (like unplugging the ancient computer which means i will have to spend 30 minutes trying to turn it back on) but she can also be so sweet and cuddle with you and talk in this sing song voice and giggle.
All in all...it's been an unforgettable year and I don't know what we would do without our Sour Patch Savi! She has taught us that the heart will expand to let you love as many children as God gives you unconditionally, she has taught us patience, perseverance, and most importantly...that you can have your cake and if your sneaky enough...eat Sadie's too!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day (A little early this year)

I know, I know. I don't blog enough. I have a good excuse though...my computer is really old and it takes a year to do anything annnnnd...I have two kids who enjoy my company and demand my presence at all times.  However, today is a snowy day (don't get me started, I HATE snow) and we are having a lazy day (even though we wanted to go to church this morning) so I decided I could take a couple of hours to blog. 
Yesterday we took our two little valentines to celebrate! Growing up it took me a few years to realize that Valentines Day was a romantic holiday for most people because we were always our Dad's valentines and we would get a box of chocolates every year. In fact, we still get a box of chocolates even though we have extended our family of valentines to include husbands, boyfriends (Jen, not me) and kiddos! I am not eager for that tradition to end any time soon! 
Anywhoo, to start off our Valentine celebration we went to Fuddruckers to eat lunch. It was a little nippy out so Sadie got a chance to wear her super cool hat. She didn't want to take it off. Now, as most of you parents know it is nearly impossible to get a picture of a toddler's full face so I was super psyched to get this shot! 

 Savi wanted in on the fun too! Aren't my girlies pretty in pink (and purple). Here we are waiting for Daddy to get our drinks and cheeseburgers!

 This is my ill fated attempt to get a shot of me with the girls. I think Savi's little eyes over the table is HILARIOUS!
This was the fifth picture I took of Robby and Savi and it's the closest thing to a smile I could get from him. I think he does that just to annoy me.

After a delicious lunch of cheeseburgers, fries and cookies we packed up our precious cargo to head to the Science Spectrum! Savi is pretty generous with her smiles but that doesn't mean I don't want as many pictures of them as I can get. SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!

Before we left the restaurant I had to get a picture with my Sadie Bug. She was more interested in eating her cookie and people watching but it works nonetheless.

 Now, I am going to turn the blog over to the girls. The Science Spectrum has a new Children's Musuem with lots of cool stuff for small kids to do. They wanted to narrate their own adventures of this day. First up is Savi!

Thank you Mother. I shall begin with how various toys tasted. I didn't get the chance to taste everything because my parent's kept saying "NO!" and taking the things away but I did manage a few licks here and there. This was a fish that tasted nothing like what I imagine fish should taste like. I tried to send it back to the kitchen but Mom just wiped it off and tossed it back in the fish bin.

 Here I am with a miniature replica of a World War II machine gun. I don't know how we won that war with such shoddy weapons. All this did was blow some pinwheel things around. I guess Germans are a light bunch.
 After experimenting with heavy artillary I rode my first Hog! It didn't have a lot a horsepower but I guess that is a good thing because I didn't want to scare the other kids with my dare devil speed!

This was my least favorite exhibit. The stones were supposed to light up but I guess they were ageist because they wouldn't light up for babies. The only reason this one is illuminated is because my mom stepped on it. I plan on writing a strongly worded letter.

 Oh ok...this is hilarious. I can hardly type I'm laughing so hard. Tee Hee Hee! This was the pet shop room where we can play with various stuffed dogs only Mom put ME in one of the kennels! It was so funny!!!! I'm not a dog but I'm in the dog pen. Bwha ha ha ha!!! My mom is such a card sometimes!
 The dogs are fake? Right Mom? Right?????

Oh yeah, I can walk now. I'm pretty much grown up like Sadie. 
Ah, here I am in a boat. I won't ask why there is a boat in the middle of what is clearly a forest. I also don't know why my mom thought this was a moment to capture but she kept giggling something about a tiny baby, big boat. Whatever.

 Now is the time for me to introduce you to my stalker. Apparently she thought I was "the bee's knees" because she proceeded to follow me around for about 15 minutes. Here I was just trying to enjoy the ding ding tree (those colored things ding...in case you were confused) and she kept trying to take my bow off and bascially get all up in my grill.
 Is she still there? I am trying to ignore her.

 Here we are at my favorite part of the museum!!! It was a tunnel with fish tanks on either side and above me. It didn't take me long to figure out that they weren't really fish tanks but TV screens. I don't think other children will be as astute as I am but it was still enjoyable. Yes, I realize my stalker is still there. Creepy right?
 Ok, I was trying to be tolerant of the crazy baby but trying to hone in on my precious Daddy time is the last straw! Where is this child's parents? He is MY Daddy and I am about to open a can of whoop diaper on this chick!
Finally "someone's" parent's came an got here and Daddy and I were able to resume our memory making together. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Now I know I was going to let Sadie tell her adventures next but my mom started this blog at 4:00 in the afternoon and it is now almost 8. I think it's safe to say that due to all the interruptions and YouTube not working properly she has lost her enthusiasium for this particular post. I'm sure she will allow Sadie to have a turn tomorrow. Goodnight!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Savi's First Blog.

As promised. Here is Savi's first blog. Now since she is only 6 months old I am going to help her out. I asked her what color she wants her words in and told her that on Sadie's first blog her words were pink.  Savi has chosen red because "she is edgier than Sadie" whatever that means. I will let her introduce herself.


Actually it's hello.

Oh, Hello! I have been wanting to get on here for so long but my mom had this crazy "not until you're 6 months old" rule about blogging. Well, that time is finally here and I can set some things straight about yours truly. My big sister has been misrepresenting me in a most unforgiveable fashion.  Hmmjipnh;fueanjo;m mio;puafko Ahhhhhhhh!

Sorry about that. She just pulled a towel over her head and couldn't get it off. (she really did).

I'm okay! You know that feeling when you're rolling over and your hands (which are still a bit hard to control) grab a stray burp towel and pull it over your own head. Then your hands decide to let go and you're stuck like an upside turtle unable to breathe or see and you're pretty certain that the end is near? Whew!

Actually Sav I think it's safe to say most of our readers are well over the age of 6 months so they probably don't know that feeling.

Actually Mom (sarcasm from the baby...awesome) I think it's safe to say that everyone of MY readers have been 6 months old at some point in their life so they will know exactly what I am talking about. In fact I have just decided the theme for my blog.

Oh yeah, what's that?

It's called "you know that feeling....." and I bet everyone will be able to relate to the triumphs and hazards I have found myself in over this past half year.

Whatever you say. It's your blog.

That's right! So without further doo doo...

I assume you mean adieu....

You can't just make up words Mother!

You and your sister....I swear!

Hush now!

You know that feeling when you get a new present and your big sister totally encroaches on your playtime under the guise of "showing you how it works" when you have been successfully playing with it for 5 minutes? I do.

You know that feeling when your parents put a tree up in your house, put twinkly lights on it and before you decide whether or not they are insane (er) Hey! you decide to check it out and get stuck underneath it because you are mesmerized by all the colors...like a moth to a flame? And instead of saving your life your parent's just start snapping pictures even though they know that the camera flash has the same effect? I do.

You know that feeling when you are trying to sit up to drink a bottle but your mom has put such a huge bow on your head it weighs you down? I do.

Oh please, you were halfway smiling.

Only on the outside Mom. Inside I was crying.

Drama queen.

As I was saying... You know that feeling when the same day you were forced to wear the bow that is bigger than your head your parents furthur traumatized you by letting you "play" inside the mouth of the giant hippo at the mall. I do. (and I still have nightmares)

Now you were definately smiling in that picture.

Hippo survival 101...never let them see weakness or fear.

And when did you take Hippo survival 101?

Ummm...you were asleep. Moving on!

You know that feeling when you are learning to crawl and you want to crawl forward with every ounce of strength you have, but for some unknown reason you keep crawling backwards until you end up halfway under the ottoman? I do.

Then you call and call for help and this is what your parent's do instead of saving your life.

That's right. Snap flash snap flash...loling the whole time. That is what I call a parenting fail!

You know that feeling when you sit up on your own for the first time ever and your parent's are really excited and telling you what a big girl you are and how proud they are of you...and you're just trying to hide the sheer panic you feel because you aren't sure how you are going to get back down from this new position? I do.

You know that feeling when your big sister tells everyone that you have stolen her special blue seat when the truth is it was given to you and while you may not exactly fit in it yet, it doesn't make it less yours? I do.

And speaking of my older sister....You  know that moment when you realize that your bigger supposedly "wiser" sister who you are supposed to emulate is well...special? I do!

And of course there is this little nugget of weirdness...

Who takes a bath with their clothes on? Honestly?

I can't argue with that. It is pretty weird.

I guess some may call her brilliant. I would probably be more inclined to say nicer things about her if she would stop taking my crackly toys away from me.

Hey now, I have your back on that. I always take them away and give them back to you.

You don't see everything Mom. And she is one sneaky McSneakerson.

Ok, I'm sorry. I will keep a closer eye on her from now on. You should probably wrap this blog up.  I think it's long enough for your first blog.

Ok. How should I finish it?

How about with a cute picture?

Excellent idea!

Good choice.

Just keeping it real  Mama!

I hope you enjoyed Savi's first blog. I found it very eye-opening myself.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!!

Well, Sadie has been very upset by my lack of allowing her to blog. The other day she was so upset about it during a very interesting game of dress-up (she chose her attire), that she screamed until I relented. So here she is...I apologize in advance if she insults anyone, she's a little snarky. (By the way, ignore our awesome panaled walls...west Texas school housing is da bomb diggity)

G'day! It's me Sadie!(Thanks Mom for that super humilitaing introduction and picture) I know, it has been waaaaay to long since I have updated my fans on my exciting and glamourous life. I would apologize but instead I am going to make excuses. I have been really busy breaking in the new baby. It has been exhausting. I wonder if all babies are this unreasonable when it comes to training or if it's just Savi? I know you guys are really only interested in hearing about ME and MY adventures but Savi has begged me to give you an update on her. She's still pretty young so I am going to humor her...

Here she is in her bouncy chair which she likes to sit in and stare at me with righteous indignation while I play. She usually doesn't approve of my choice in toys so I don't let her touch them.

Some of the things Savi enjoys (besides eating, pooping and NOT sleeping) include:

Listening to music.

Being waited on hand and foot by Caden and Jordan (who make waaay to big a deal over her...I'm not bitter or anything but I remember when I used to get that much attention from the boys)

Thank goodness I still have my Amaya. She is loyal!!!

Let's see...Savi also enjoys playing on Duke's IPad (she's Tech Saavy) LOL! I made a joke!!!

Of course we all enjoy the wonders of the IPad.

Recently she has taken quite a shine to the Christmas tree. She can't keep her grubby little mitts off of it in fact.

I squeezed under there with her to see what the big deal was. It was alright...I didn't feel the overwhelming need to squeal loudly like Sav did but I guess I can see why she likes it.

I have been meaning to talk to my mom and dad about this but Savi has a problem and I think we need to have an intervention. She can't go more than 4 hours without hitting the bottle and she drinks until she passes out, vomits, or both. Case in point....

On top of her obvious drinking problem she is also a tiny bit conceited as you can clearly see in the following video.

Wow...that's all I can say...wow.  Savi's very favorite thing to so though is hang out with the coolest, most awesomnest person in the world (and no I don't mean my Dad) I'm talking about ME!!!

Well, that's enough of the baby for now. I don't want her head to get any bigger...literally, she doesn't have enough hair to cover what she has now. SO it's on to what I have been up to. In a word...LOTS!

I'm really into sports, big and small, doesn't matter I like them all.

I have an amazing arm...

And yes, I did mean to throw it behind me.

I am also into lawn care and helped Duke and Nana out with their move by pre-mowing the lawn.

I have my own special mowing style that most don't understand. Genius is a lonely word.

I found a beautiful flower that Mom wouldn't let me keep. To bad Nana wasn't there. She truly understands my definition of beauty.

I have been honing my stacking skills. (My Dad may or may not have contributed to this awe inspiring tower)

I rediscovered my long lost bumbo seat which my parents had hidden from me for some reason. I am choosing to ignore the fact that they let that baby sit in it.

I also came up with an ingenious way to sit at the table but once again Mom thwarted my brilliant plan.

Genius right?

When we visited Nana and Duke's house my cousin Amaya had the pleasure of getting to have me at her 9th birthday party! She didn't want me to leave her side but eventually I let her play with her friends because I didn't want them too feel bad.

I was so excited to see my Nana and Papa too! Not only are they a hoot but we got to open some early Christmas presents! I was so young last year I didn't really understand the point of wrapping paper but this year I totally get it!

Savi watched how it was done and followed suite. She is soooo lucky to have me as a role model.

I was astounded to discover a whole castle just for me!!! The best part is that it is SweetPea's castle who happens to be my all time favorite Veggie Tale character.

I tried my hardest to hold all the little pieces at the same time. I had to do this. It was very important.

Savi got a light up turtle.

She didn't know how to work so ENTER the Super Smart Big Sister!

She was very grateful to me.
Overall I have been doing well. I've learned to take my clothes off and like to take advantage of my new knowledge whenever possible. There are pictures of that but they aren't internet appropriate, what with all the pervies and yuckies out there. I have also decided that I am too old for naptime and honestly I have so much to accomplish each day there just isn't time to sleep. I would like to state for the record that I have no clue where my parents got the next two pictures.

I plead the 5th! By the by, if anyone has seen my giraffe outfit from above I seem to have misplaced it.

Well, I started this blog before 12 and it's 4:30 now so I think I am going to call it a day. It's really hard to sit and get something done without interruptions in this house. There is lots of toy chunking and babies crawling under the tree and getting stuck...then there's the screaming. You know how it is. I will try to not be a bloggy stranger.
Peace out!