Thursday, September 30, 2010

It has been much too long since I have blessed my beloved readers with my deep and life-changing thoughts on life. I am sorry for this. Please accept as an apology the following pictures and captions. Let's jump right in shall we...I was very excited when Mom informed me that we would be going on an excursion to the wonderous city of Amarillo to participate in something called a "playdate" with Mom's friend Linsye, her daughter Ada, and Linsye's mom Darla! 

 I thought I would start off with some beauty shots of me and my friend Ada. You're welcome in advance.

And here is my dearest and oldest friend Ada Taylor. We may not appear to care for each other very much but we just believe in being discreet so as to keep everyone else away. Beautiful people have to be careful with their reputation..otherwise everyone will want to join the "cool kids" club.

 I agreed to let Mom put a picture of her and Linsye in the blog as long as she understood that nothing special would be said about it. After all, the world does not revolve around my mom. So here it is...(shockingly this picture was actually taken in Amarillo)

 Ada is under the same curse I am, neither of our parents trust us enough to set us free from our strollers. We were held captive almost the entire day! It's horrifying isn't it?

 We were planning a prison break when this picture was snapped. Take note of how we play it off so that the parent's had no idea of our devious plan. Mwah hah hah!!

Our plan never came to fruition though because our moms decided that we needed to swing. It was sooo humiliating to have sit in their laps! Ada and I discussed it at length via email later that evening. We agreed it was a sorry excuse for the moms just wanting to swing themselves. I wonder how long they will live vicariously through us?

Ahhh, the ducks who were in dire need of bread. I had no words to descibe the greed I witnessed at the hands, er...I mean webbed feet of these horrible birds! The parent's were really excited though so I placated them with a few quacks of my own. They're so easy to impress!

 The parent's kept staring at us in an attempt to illicit a response so I followed Ada's lead and we clapped for the evil ducks. It was a good thing we did too, otherwise we would probably still be there.

I enjoyed the "playdate" with Ada (the word playdate is so degrading, don't you think?) and I can't wait to see her again. Of course, I don't let my mom know this. It would please her waaay to much.

How about a change of scene. Mom has taken about a million pictures of me eating a banana. I'm not sure why. She just thinks it's adorable to see me feed myself.  

And here I am eating yet another banana. This picture is different though in that I am sans fork. Have you ever seen anything less thrilling. Could you please tell my mom to chill out with the eating pictures...banana's in particular. I just want to enjoy my lunch in peace!

Prepare youself, the next two pictures are absolutly terrifying! I don't know what my parent's were thinking by sending me into this modern day Lion's Den! Look at the ferocious creatures chasing me. Thank goodness I'm fast, otherwise I wouldn't be around to write this blog!

Did you see that one? It just pounced at me, claws outstretched toward my throat with it's big sharp teeth bared in anticipation for the taste of my delicate baby flesh! Run! Run from the bloodthirsty kittens! Run if you want to live!!!!!

 Please give me a minute, I have to do some deep breathing in order to regain my composure. In the meantime scroll on down through the next few shots which are so adorable they speak for themselves.

And we are back. I'm doing much better now. In case you were wondering, yes that is my Aunt Kami in the picture above. We were making funny fish faces because...well you know.

Sometimes Mom waits for so long to do laundry that she runs out of options for clean clothes to put me in. This is an example of one of those days. The t-shirt is tied in the back and it fell off about 3 seconds later.

One of Mom and Dad's favorite things to do when he gets home is watch Jeopardy. I too enjoy the trivia game show. While I can't vocalize it quite yet I would like my readers to know that I routinely get more correct answers than my parents who ALWAYS forget to put their answers in the form of a question. Sheesh! (side note from Amy here: Sadie will actually watch Jeopardy from start to finish with us everyday. Her favorite part is clapping with the studio audience during Daily Doubles. She even recognizes it the second it comes on screen)

I have to go play in the curtains now. It's my favorite place to snack, make messes and get some much needed alone time. I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of ...And Then There Were Three. (BTW I am trying to get Mom to change the name to "The Marvelous and Inspiring Words and Thoughts of Sadie"

Peace out my homies!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Hart Longhorns!

Well, it's that time of year again when football season rules friday nights! Actually in our case it rules all our nights and days as well! It has been an adjustment but we are all navigating these unfamiliar waters together and we will get there. Sadie is asleep so she can't narrate the blog tonight so it's just going to be short and sweet.
Here we are leaving for the game. The field is right across the dirt road from our house so we just walked over.
It was a big night for hairdos as well since this is the first night that Sadie has let me put a giant bow in her hair and LEFT IT ALONE! I suspect if I had turned my back it would have been gone but she never got the chance to defy the bow.
Thanks Aunt Becca! You have awesome bow making abilities and we received many compliments!

GO COACH FRYAR! There is a pretty good chance that I embarrassed him by taking this picture but he will get over it :) There was only time for a quick kiss (for Sadie of course) before he had to be on his way.
Here we are, all a twitter and waiting for the game to start. You can see the masses of Hart fans behind us ( about 20 in all, but we were a little early)

Coach Daddy talking being all "coachy"

In this picture Robby is talking to number 22 who not more than 5 minutes later scored the first touchdown of the game. Coincidence? I think not!!! Coach Fryar rocks!

My little spider monkey wouldn't stray too far from my side but I still managed to get this precious picture which is, of course, frame bound!

That is it for the football pictures but I couldn't resist throwing in a few more precious shots. A few weeks ago a cold front came through and it was about 55 degrees in the morning so we layered up to go grocery shopping.
Here is Ms. Sadie enjoying the crisp cool weather.

And here she is reading one of our favorite books ( I have it memorized because we read it ALL the time) I had absolutly nothing to do with this pose. She unfolded her couch, she chose her book, and she propped it up to read. PRECIOUS! A girl after her mama's heart.

And here she is in a dog bed at Grandmas know...why not.

That's it for me tonight. Short and sweet.