Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Really Not A Tease...Sorry.

Okay. I have to ask for forgivness. I started a blog in October and haven't written anything since. In my defense though we moved at the beginning of Novemeber and Internet access was a luxury we decided to do without, at least for the time being. So, I am going to try and update this when I can because I have exciting things to say!

If you don't live near me or anyone in my famiy then you don't know what is going on in my life so here is a little clue...

That's right...15 weeks pregnant! For those of you who have been around for the past year you know that we have been trying for quite awhile. We started trying in July of 2007 and had pretty much resigned ourselves to the idea that we would need fertility treatments. We set up the doctors appointments, laid out a tentative financial plan, and prayed that we would NOT have a litter. Well, two months before our first appointment it was that "special" time of the month and I noticed that I didn't feel like I normally did...I felt good. That wasn't normal so I told Robby and of course he didn't want me to take a pregnancy test because I had taken so many and they were all negative and he just didn't want me to go through that again. I had a feeling though so I was very sneaky and I took a test and the little pink line came up immediatly! I can't even begin to describe the feeling. I was shaking and crying so hard when I went to tell Robby that he thought I was having a seizure.

So we are expecting our little bundle of sunshine July 1st, give or take a few days. Now for you math majors who are aware that the average pregnancy is 40 weeks and the 15 weeks picture does not add up to the due date you are correct! That picture was taken 10 weeks ago when I thought it was so obvious I was pregnant. Ha Ha. This is me now at 25 weeks.

So that is our story. I have much more to share but I will save it for the next entry. I don't know how to end a blog so I am going to just stop typing.