Friday, August 20, 2010

My Life in Hart

HI!! Did you miss me? I know that my mom usually does a little opener here before I start my blog but I told her that her writing becomes tiresome really quickly so she should just let me write the entire blog. So here is goes...
As most of you know my parents moved me to Hart TX. Being a city girl I did not feel I was wired to live too far away from a Target but I am learning to appreciate the country life. I thought I would take you though an average day for me in my new home. Mom was in charge of the camera so I apoplogize for shoddy pictures in advance. Enjoy!

I begin my day every morning at about 7:30 a.m. My dad has usually left for work by this time. I like to sit in Mom's lap while I wake up fully and then I journey to my room to read a book or two. I love my room. It is so convenient to have all my toys in one place. I routinely pull them all out and I do a pretty good job of spreading them all over th floor if I do say so myself.

After my morning read I usually wander back into the living room to see what Mom is up to. This morning she was watching Regis and Kelly and I find that show mildly amusing so I sat down on my couch to enjoy it too.

I don't like to eat right when I wake up but about 30 minutes later I am ready for breakfast. I love my special chair at the table. I feel more secure being strapped in. This morning I enjoyed some peach yogurt, milk, and banana. I don't want there to be any confusion about when I am through eating so I let Mom know by throwing everything on the floor.

After breakfast it's time to pick out my outfit for the day. I have TONS of clothes but only a few actually fit me because I am what Mom calls "petite" isn't that cool! I had no idea I was French.
Anyway, this morning I picked out a swimsuit and a robe to wear. I indicated to Mom what my choice was by, once again, throwing it on the floor. It's my signature move.

When I started this business of blogging I swore to myself that I would never do this but the pressure finally got to me and I have posted a picture of me in my skivvies...scandalous! You may not be able to tell but Mom and Dad have started putting me in cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. I quite like them because my bum is a lot less itchy but I don't like what they do for my figure...oh well.
Once again, Mom has chosen something more "sensible" for me to wear. It's not like it's that big a deal, I mean, I look cute in whatever I wear. So here I am ready for the day and I am relaxing and watching Veggitales while waiting for Mom to get ready. I'm not quite sure what she did with my hair there.

We are going to Plainview to do some grocery shopping! As usual I have to wait for Mom to get her stuff together before we can go. Wow, we really have to do something about these shrubs. They're as tall as me!

And here we are at Wal-Mart. I don't mind shopping because it gives me the chance to look around and visit with people who want to meet me. In fact, I met a lovely older lady who admired my hair and said she wanted to try it out for herself because it was a windy day. I can't help but feel she was being condescending. An adult would just look silly with this hairdo.
After our Wal-Mart excursion I really needed a nap. Mom, why are you taking pictures of this. get out, I am really sleepy! My hair looks sillier than usual because Mom didn't want me to swallow my hair thingies. (Thanks for the reminding her Nana)

Ahhhh, lunchtime. Mom really went all out and made me an uncrustable PBJ sandwich ( I know you just thaw it and cut it into pieces Mom..duh) I ate the outside bread part only. You can't see my food in this picture because I was through guessed it, threw the rest on the floor! I like watching Mom sweep after every meal.
Now it's time for the best part of the day! Our daily walk to check the mail. Here in the country we have to go to the Post Office to pick up our mail and since the Post Office is only a couple streets over we usually walk (well, I stroll) Mom insists on lathering me up in sunblock and today she made me wear shoes because we are also going to visit Daddy at work.
Here is a lovely shot of me in front of one of Hart's treasures...a grain mill. Sometimes I can't believe I actually live here. I MISS YOU TARGET!

Hart is not a safe place for frogs. We like to count the number of dead frogs we encounter on the way to the Post Office. Today we counted 18! There were more but then there was some traffic on the street (3 cars) so we had to be extra careful and couldn't keep counting. I guess frogs don't learn by example because they all try and cross the street and they get smushed. Ahhh. Mom took a picture of a smushed frog...lovely. At least this one is dried out.

And here we are in Daddy's classroom! I think it could use some more color but Daddy says it will do just fine for a high school math class. One day he will appreciate my decorating skills.

I love to sit with Daddy at his desk. I was also parched after our walk. I miss Daddy when he is gone all day but at least he is just across the street and never to far away.

Daddy was feeling overwhelmed with everything he has to do to get ready for Monday so I made up a little cheer to encourage him. It goes "YEAH!!!" and you clap your hands. Here I am perfoming it for him. I think it really did the trick. He doesn't usually look crazy!
Well, my day is starting to wind down. I played for a little while longer, had some dinner (threw it on the floor) took a relaxing bath, and here I am watching The Backyardigans before bed. Then Mom said we were going to watch Psych which is one of her and Dad's favorite shows but instead of putting it on the TV, she turned the computer on and Nana and Duke were on the show! I was confused because I didn't see Gus anywhere but Mom insisted that we were watching Psych.
Sorry to jump in here Sadie but we weren't watching Psych, we were using Skype to talk to Nana and Duke.
MOM! You can't just interrupt my blog with your made up words.
Ok, Sadie, so sorry...carry on.
Anyway, I didn't understand the computer thing but I LOVE Backyardigans!
Well folks, it's now almost 7:30 and time for me to turn in. After reading a few books with Mom and saying our prayers I am going to call it a night. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my day. As you can see, living in the country has not slowed me down a bit, I even grown two more teeth! I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend, I know I will. Goodnight All!