Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sadie has not been pleased with my lack of updates because apparently "her fans" need to know what is going on in her life. So, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and send out her own blog explaning all of her fabulous adventures in her own words. I am merely being used to transcibe what she says because she has a lot to say and I am the faster typist. However, she has insisted that her words be in pink so as to not confuse them with mine. So enjoy: Sadie's blog...

Ok, so mom hasn't updated everyone on my life in over a month so here goes...I have been a very busy girl. A few weeks ago Mom and Nana took me to a place called "the PARK" to play with my cousins Amaya, Caden, and Jordan. I have gotten used to our "going out" routine but this time Mom put some white lotion on me beforehand which I did NOT enjoy. I was concerned that the lotion was a precursor to what I would experience at "the PARK" so I tried to ask Mom about what I could expect in the car on the way there but apparently she just saw a photo opportunity:

As it turns out, "the PARK" was a blast. I got to do many things I had only heard about from my cousins. I got to swing (I was a little perturbed that Mom and Nana insisted on putting me in the baby swing but I hid it well)

I thoroughly enjoyed the swing even though I felt like I was sitting in a bucket.

I think I enjoyed the swings a bit more than Jordan though. They make him a bit uneasy.

I begged and begged but Mom wouldn't let me go on the slide by myself. *sigh* She probably won't just throw me in the deep end when we go swimming either. She's not a believer in the "sink or swim" theory. In the end though I was happy she was there because it was kind of scary.

I rode a two seater motorcyle with Amaya. At first I was concerened that she wasn't watching the road but than I realized it was stationary. I felt so silly :)

My favorite part of "the PARK" was eating ice cream with Mom. I say ice cream but I actually think it was flavored was still yummy though. There was gum at the bottom but Mom wouldn't let me have it, I was bummed about that.

The best part was getting to play with my big kid cousins. I am so glad they are starting to see me as one of them and not a baby.

I had so much fun with my cousins at "the PARK" I was thrilled when they invited me to go to a place called "the MUSEUM" One of our first stops was at a place called the Dino Dig where we were to take a brush and dig up dinosaur bones from a giant sand box. At first I was underwhelemd...

Once they put a brush in my hand though, I was a natural. I didn't find anything but I managed to cover myself in sand so I consider that a Dino Dig success!

Next, we went to the children's section and I discovered something may not know that I like buttons and I LOVE buttons that light up. You can imagine my delight when I found a row of big, shiny, brightly lit buttons. Jordan even taught me how to hit them really hard and make a loud sound! I can't tell you how satisfying it was to hit all those bright buttons as many times as I wanted. Mom and Dad are always pulling me away from the little blue buttons under the TV.

Buttons, buttons, who's got the button?

I had a wonderful time at the museum but I was equally as excited to try my hand at gardening. Nana was planting some beautiful flowers she got for mother's day and I was eager to get my hands dirty.

After a few minutes though I couldn't stand not doing what I had wanted to do since I stuck my hand in that glorious soil. I tried to be sneaky about it but my dratted mom caught me eating the dirt. She wasn't angry though, she just shook her head but I wasn't allowed to garden anymore after that.

After the garden debacle I had to take a bath. I'm really starting to enjoy a nice soak in the tub, especially when I have my plastic spoon to bang loudly and splash water with! I wanted to use Nana's good-smelling bath stuff but Mom won't let me. She insists on using the non-fragrant stuff so I don't get another rash. I tried to explain that beauty is pain but she was so busy taking my picture and laughing at my hair that I don't think she understood.

This month I expereinced a number of new things but I was also introduced to the holiday Mother's Day. Mom explained to me that she wanted me to sign cards for my grandmas and great-grandmas.

At first I was excited and couldn't wait to get started...

Of course, once I had the pen in my hand I remembered that I don't know how to write or even spell my own name. So I yelled my love into each card and flung them around for awhile.

After personally yelling my love into all those cards and my usual nightly kinethesics, I was exhausted. I'm not yet old enough to "use my words" and Mom wouldn't put down that confounded camera...even when I was yelling and whining she kept snapping pictures. I included this picture to show everyone what I am subjected to daily.

Well, as my throat is feeling scratchy and it is past my bedtime I think I am going to sign off until another day. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life and I would like to leave you with this one last note.

Don't ever let anyone....wait, what was that?