Friday, June 17, 2011

Introducing Miss. Savannah Robyn Fryar!!

It's only been a week since Savannah was born and I am already blogging! (and bragging) It has been a crazy week but we are really enjoying getting to know our sweet little girl! Her arrival didn't go exactly how we thought it would but it was just as memorable as the first! For those of you who don't know or don't remember let me give you a refresher on Sadie's birth...
Labored at home mostly, barely made it to the hospital, barely made it to the bed before she came screaming into the world after a couple of pushes. No medication of any kind (except Ambien but that is a whole other story). She weighed 7lbs 1oz, 18 inches long with patches of reddish blonde hair on the sides of her head. She was mostly stunned at everything that had happened and spent a good deal of time looking around at everything and everyone (still does). Healing was not a big deal, I felt great afterward!
Now, I had always heard that 2nd time labors go quicker and are easier in every way from pushing to healing. However, 2nd time moms be warned...this is not always the case!!!
With 5 days until my due date I went to the doctor who mercifully stripped my membranes (not pleasant, but productive) and less than an hour later I started having regular contractions. I was already at a 3 and she was down pretty low. We grabbed some dinner and gave it a couple of hours before heading to the hospital. Rob's parents stayed with Sadie and my parents quickly headed to Lubbock, hoping to make it in time. I was monitored in triage for about 4 hours with regular contractions that were slowly getting more intense but I wasn't making any progress. Knowing about my last experience though the wonderful nurses didn't want to send me home so by the time my parents made it to hospital (yeah!) I was given permission to walk around for an hour. After a VERY PAINFUL hour of super close contractions I waddled back to the admission desk and they told me that the dr. wanted to admit me no matter what so I was ushered into a room where I requested an epidural ASAP! (Side note: I originally wanted to go natural again but clearly I had forgotten what that felt like) It took about 30 minutes for the dr to get there and I was terrified the whole time. The idea of an epi freaked me out and I didn't have a great feeling about it but I was willing to try.
To make a long epi story short let me just say it took him two trys because the first time the needle went into a blood vessel instead of the epidural sack. Apparently this isn't common but they always test for it just in case by sending a low dose of adrenaline into the catheter. If the needle is in the right spot than nothing happens (I guess) if it's in a blood vessel than the adrenaline goes straight to your heart causing what they call a "steel murmur" because that is what your heartbeat sounds like for a few seconds. It also causes ringing in your ears and uncontrollable shaking, not to mention a feeling like you've been electrocuted in one leg. After experiencing all these wonderful side effects I asked the dr if it was normal to have ringing in my ears. He said NO and quickly pulled everything out. It was horribly scary but the second time there weren't any problems and the epidural worked like a charm! I don't regret getting one at all.
Unfortunately, the shot to my heart didn't go unnoticed by the rest of my body. The next few hours were spent trying to keep my extremely low blood pressure up and my sudden fever down. I was flipped back and forth, hooked up to oxygen, and given about 500 bags of fluid which made me nice and puffy for pictures! After a few hours I was still stuck between 5 and 6. My water broke and it had meconium in it which means that the baby had pooped already and there was the chance that she has aspirated some of the meconium (which is bad) They think the sudden drop in my blood pressure which she didn't handle well was the reason she had to relieve herself a little early. So I was given some pitocin to kick start contractions. About 10 minutes later I was ready to push. I only pushed for about 20 minutes (give or take) when my beautiful, meconium covered little screamer was given to me. Luckily she hadn't aspirated anything and other than being a little peeved at being messed with, she was perfect!
Here's the proof!!

She was 8lbs 6oz, 20 inches long (which apparently is big for her gestational age..she doesn't look that big to me but all the nurses kept referring to her as "chubby")

Here she is, naked and embarressed.

A diaper and a hat is better than nothing. Of course the hat covers up her full head of dark hair! She is Robby's look-a-like through and through, with a little bit of Sadie thrown in!

She is happiest when she is sleeping. She was awake for a little over an hour last night and that is the longest she has ever been awake since being born. She is also quite fond of her "sucky thing" which I find interesting because Sadie never cared for pacifiers.

Here we are getting ready to go home. Mammie bought her the beautiful going home outfit. Isn't she pretty!!

 The hairbow didn't last very long but I had to try.

Here she is in her carseat getting ready to go outside for the first time (for about 5 seconds before she was immediatly put into the air conditioned car)

And here are both my sweet girls a week later. Sadie is showing more and more interest in Savannah everyday. I think she is afraid of hurting her. She has lightly touched her hand twice now which is progress. This is actually the closest that Sadie has gotten to Sav since we bought her home so she is getting more comfortable with her.

We are so happy to have our two healthy girls!!! They make us laugh daily and we can't imagine our lives without them. Breastfeeding has been a touch difficult. Sav doesn't latch so I spend most of my day pumping. We are taking everything one day at a time and trying to enjoy each of he the girls at the ages they are. We are looking forward to watching them grow up together and become best friends!
Thanks to everyone for the prayers and thoughts you have sent our way. We can't wait for Sav to meet each of you!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Is the puffy, sweaty pregnant lady destroying your precious coffee time?!?"

I offer my apologies in advance for not letting Sadie write this blog. This may come as a surprise to some of you but I am actually the voice of Sadie and coming up with blogs written through her point of view require a great amount of imagination and creativity...something that a woman who is a billion months pregnant is lacking. So for today you will just have to enjoy the pictures and my boring comments. Before we begin though here are some interesting facts that I have learned about our second child.

1. She is just as wiggly and jumpy as Sadie was. They both have shown a preference for one of my ribs in particular. Sadie started the process of dislodging it when she was in utero and her sister is determined to finish the job. If you have ever been repeatedly kicked in the ribs by a tiny, pointy foot then you know that it hurts so badly it can induce vomiting.
2. While Sadie takes after her father and likes to be a little early for her appointments, little sister is already taking after me and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get out of her cozy little water bath. Sadie was 9 days early. I was hoping this one would come even earlier but that date has come and gone. Oh well.
3. I won't be sure until she is born but I'm pretty sure she has choreographed a routine that she practices nightly. It's pretty advanced and invloves lots of turning, twisting, booty shaking and while I can't be sure, I'm thinking she is singing too.

That is about all I know for now but I will keep everyone informed. Okay, onto the pictures!!

With Sadie's 2nd birthday (crazy!!) coming up soon I have been trying to get a really cute picture of her for her b-day invitations (which probably won't happen this year, but that's ok) So I came up with the wonderful idea of taking her to the park and snapping some pictures while Robby was at work. It started out ok as you can see ....

I looooove baby rompers (not adult rompers...I can't get on board with that) and Sadie has about a billion of them. I got some cute pictures but didn't get any great ones of her tiny precious face. Shortly after this picture was taken she took off running and I had to chase her. This was bad for two reasons. 1. She is freakishly fast for something so small. 2. I was 8 months pregnant and unable to move quickly.
I finally caught her and we left shortly afterward with a new more outings without another adult present.

I wanted everyone to get a look at that hair. We are having mullet issues with this child. We have cut her bangs a few times but other than that she has never had a hair cut and I am thinking it's about time for one. The back grows a lot faster than the sides so she has a natural mullet. It's also really fine and there is one portion in the back that is ALWAYS fuzzed, tangled and sticking straight up. We have tried everything to smooth is down but I think the only fix is to wait it out and let her hair grow longer and get a touch heavier. I need to consult a professional though (Yes, Linsye, I mean you.)

Anyone who knows Sadie knows that she LOVES her pink crochet blankets. She also has a white one that had been folded up and put with the rest of her baby blankets. Well, when I pulled them all out to fluff and wash for the new baby she found her white blanket and was very excited.

Funny face girl!! I don't know what shocked her so deeply.

I had no plans to post any pictures of myself because I'm not a big fan of how I look pregnant but it was too precious a moment to not share. We wanted to prepare Sadie as much as possible for the new baby which is not easy with an almost 2 year old. She loves books so I found a sweet book about becoming a big sister. She loves it and wants to read it over and over again. She doesn't understand that Mommy has a baby in her tummy but she knows what a baby is and she understands that she is the big sister (even though she doesn't know what that means yet) She will sing the words BIG SISTER!!!

Our book routine is that Robby or I will read it to her once then she will read it to us 4 or 5 times. Her memory is pretty good and she remembers a few of the words we say depending on the picture. I think we have a book lover on our hands (yeah!!!)

Oh yeah, I'm 28 now. I know I should say something snarky about being two years away from 30 but I am excited about this stage of my life so I am more than happy to be closer to 30 than 20!!
Robby wanted to surprise me with a cookie cake but since that was all I asked for he wasn't able to make it much of a surprise. Since me and my girls are all June babies I thought three cakes was too much for one month so I will only have cookie cakes from now on, which works great for me because while I enjoy cake I LOOOOOVE cookies!

Nana and Duke sent Sadie an e-card of a puppy talking with their words. It was sweet albeit a little creepy. Sadie enjoyed it a great deal though and wanted to watch it over and over again.

Since it gets so hot so early in Lubbock we have spent quite a few afternoons in the play center at the mall (before I had kids I said I would NEVER let my child play in that germ infested cess pool...ahh I was such a good parent before I had a kid) She loves it as you can see and we enjoy staying nice and cool while she plays.

Her little backyardigan pals enjoyed the slide as well.

That is about all I can do today. I was going to try and get two blogs up in one sitting but I am exhausted. I've been up since 5 so I think it is time for a mid-morning nap. I apologize again for the lack of Sadie commentary but I am confident she will be back soon.
Have a great day!