Friday, April 9, 2010

9 months and 18 days.

Sadiebug is 9.5 months old and in honor of her I thought I would share with you 9.5 interesting facts about our sweet little "bug".

9.5 Sadie's absolute favorite thing in the world is... (this was the .5, I will tell the rest when she is 10 months old)

9. Sadie is crawling all over the place now. She really took off during Spring Break and hasn't slowed down since. She's quick too, especially in the moment when we take the dirty diaper off and right before we get a clean one on. She loves to roam around sans diaper!

Sadie's Thoughts: Please oh please take me outside! I love Spring...I think.

8. Sadie is practing her waving skills. Right now she is only waving with her left hand and she has to watch her fingers closely to make sure it is done correctly. She is very serious about waving.

Sadie's Thoughts: Put the camera down woman and take me outside or feel my wrath!

7. Sadie has two teeth, both on the bottom. I learned today that I should be brushing her little teeth everyday...whoops!

Sadie's Thoughts: Ok, I don't know what this stuff is but I can't decide if it's a pleasant tactile experience or not.

6. Sadie is a total ham and loves it when everyone is paying attention to her and laughing with her! I'm pretty sure she gets this trait from Robby, who as we all know, loves to be the center of attention.

Sadie's Thoughts: I love smiling, smiling's my favorite!

5. Sadie has a security blanket that she needs when going to sleep, riding in the car, being dropped off at daycare, or just anytime she sees it. It's a pink fuzzy blanket that she loves to chew on. She also wrapped herself up in it yesterday and proceeded to hunch over her toybox like a little old lady. Hilarious!

Sadie's Thoughts: I'm perplexed. This bench is my size and NOTHING is my size. What is going on? Did I turn into a giant?

4. Sadie hits...hard. She also pinches, pulls hair, and has been known to throw the occasional toy. But at least she smiles the whole a crazy person!

Sadie's Thoughts: Holy Mother of Pearl! I think I'm standing alone!

3. Sadie is beginning to show signs of separation anxiety. I couldn't leave her sight today without her flipping out. Naptime was fun.

Sadie's Thoughts: It's Daddy! When did you get here...sneaky.

2. Sadie's favorite game is to take turns making raspberry and gasping sounds. She will mimic us if we do it first but sometimes she likes to start the game too. I am hoping to get this on video posthaste.

Sadie's Thoughts: I hope this isn't a long trip because I'm pretty sure pretty strapped down in this chair is torture...I don't care how comfortable it looks!

5 hours later...

Sadie's Thoughts: This is the longest car trip ever! I think my muscles have atrophied...nope still good. (Big dramatic sigh)

1. Out of everything I have ever done in my life...Sadie takes the cake. Watching her grow is a wonderful privelige and one that I have enjoyed immensely. I am so thankful that she is healthy, happy and thriving and I thank God everyday for blessing me with this amazing person.